Are you Compliant with Fire Safety Regulations?

The Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 requires building occupiers to ensure:

1. People can evacuate buildings safely and quickly in the event of a fire or hazardous materials emergency; and

2. Prescribed fire safety installations for buildings are properly maintained.

Fire Skills Training can come to your site and conduct a thorough audit of your current fire evacuation planning, instruction and practice activities, and records. The audit compares your current activities and records against the requirements of BSFR 2008. While on site, the auditor will also assess your fire safety maintenance program and that your record keeping is compliant with fire safety regulations. The auditor will assess the installation of all fire safety equipment, to make sure that your building is also compliant to Australian Standards. The audit will provide building occupiers with all non-compliance matters, and recommendations to solve the issues.

A Fire Skills Training Audit is especially useful in preparing for an inspection by the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

Fire Skills Training can help you establish and maintain compliance with fire safety regulations by implementing or reviewing the following provisions:

General Evacuation Induction Known as general evacuation instruction in BSFR 2008, it is the responsibility of all employers to give general evacuation training to all persons working in the building EVERY YEAR. New workers must be inducted within 2 DAYS OF STARTING. Fire Skills Training can help employers stay compliant all year round, by creating fire safety and general evacuation booklets, personalized to the individual workplace.
Evacuation Drill An evacuation drill (also known as a fire drill), must be completed at least once a year and recorded for the businesses records according to the BSFR 2008. Fire Skills Training can help businesses create a realistic fire drill scenario for employees to participate in. The drill comes with a comprehensive report about the drill with recommendations to make the drill more effective.
Fire and Evacuation Plans All buildings must have a fire and evacuation plan outlining the emergency procedures for the building. This must be reviewed ANNUALLY according to BSFR 2008. Fire Skills Training is able to create Fire and Evacuation Plans specific to your business and assist in the review of these each year.
Evacuation Diagrams Evacuation diagrams must be placed throughout a building and are required to explain the procedures for evacuating the building and the location of important fire safety features such as emergency exits, evacuation routes, manual call points, and firefighting equipment. This is also a requirement of BSFR 2008. Fire Skills Training can draw, produce and install these diagrams in your building to stay compliant.
Fire Safety Advisor The BSFR 2008 requires building occupiers in high occupancy buildings to appoint a Fire Safety Advisor. Fire Skills Training can help you determine if you need a FSA and, if require, perform the role of FSA for your building.
Record Keeping The BSFR 2008 requires building occupiers to keep record of all fire and evacuation instructions and evacuation practices. Fire Skills Training can assist in auditing your current records and providing systems to stay compliant with future records.
Warden and Evacuation Training Known as evacuation coordination instruction in the BSFR 2008, this session is designed to train fire wardens who are responsible for coordinating evacuation procedures, to successfully evacuate their building in the event of an emergency. Warden and Evacuation Training can be customized to your individual workplace, and includes a fire evacuation drill to put the skills and knowledge learnt into a real life scenario. The BSFR 2008 requires occupiers to give evacuation coordination instructions to all persons responsible for carrying out the evacuation coordination procedures ONCE A YEAR.
Extinguisher Training Known as first response evacuation instruction in the BSFR 2008, this session is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to safely extinguisher small fires with the use of portable fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels. Extinguisher Training includes a practical demonstration and the opportunity to put out a real fire using an extinguisher in a controlled environment. The BSFR 2008 requires occupiers to give first response evacuation instructions to each person working in the building ONCE EVERY 2 YEARS.